burrow meaning

[ 'bʌrəu ] Pronunciation:   "burrow" in a sentence
Noun: burrow  burow
  1. A hole made by an animal, usually for shelter
    - tunnel
Verb: burrow  burow
  1. Move through by or as by digging
    "burrow through the forest"
    - tunnel

Sounds like: burro, borough

Derived forms: burrowing, burrows, burrowed

Type of: cut into, delve, dig, hole, hollow, turn over

Encyclopedia: Burrow Burrow, Shropshire Burrow, Trigant

n : a passage or gallery formed in or under the skin by the wandering of a parasite (as the mite of scabies or a foreign hookworm) — burrow vb


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  1. while doing this it usually keeps its tail in its burrow.
  2. the intertidal beach unit contains some organism burrows.
  3. does master hutter think it necessary to burrow on this lake?
  4. we had to burrow through a mass of files to find the documents we wanted
  5. i shall come down your burrow and chivvy you out like an old stoat.

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