bureau meaning

[ 'bjuərəu ] Pronunciation:   "bureau" in a sentence
Noun: bureau (bureaux,bureaus)  byûrow
  1. An administrative unit of government
    "the Census Bureau"
    - agency, federal agency, government agency, office, authority 
  2. Furniture with drawers for keeping clothes
    - chest of drawers, chest, dresser

Derived forms: bureaux, bureaus

Type of: administrative body, administrative unit, article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture

Encyclopedia: Bureau

AmE / noun [C] (plural bureaux or bureaus /; AmE /)



an office or organization that provides information on a particular subject:

an employment bureau


in the US and other countries, a government department or part of a government department:

the Australian Bureau of Statistics

the Federal Bureau of Investigation

A long-standing functional organization, with a supporting staff designed to perform a specific function or activity within a joint force commander’s headquarters.
(JP 3-33)


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  1. i personally worked with the regional bureaus.
  2. above them was a central bureau of cooperatives.
  3. i took it from your mother's bureau in louisville.
  4. the bureau chief nodded.
  5. but you could suggest she write to a marriage bureau.

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