building block meaning

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Noun: building block  bilding blók
  1. A single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else
    - unit 
  2. A block of material used in construction work

Derived forms: building blocks

Type of: building material, thing

Encyclopedia: Building block


A rectangular masonry unit, other than a brick, made of burnt clay, cement, concrete, glass, gypsum, or any other material suitable for use in building construction.


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  1. garbage can also be a good source for making building blocks.
  2. the work group is the basic building block of japanese organizations.
  3. the presently known particles are the ultimate building blocks of matter.
  4. this motion could be likened to jiggling the stacked building blocks slightly.
  5. setting up a detector electronics system is straightforward because standardized building blocks can be bought.

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