brown stout meaning

  "brown stout" in a sentence
  A kind of dark ale


  1. And anywhere along the way, there is the national drink, thick brown stout, preferably Guinness, for about $ 3 a pint.
  2. If the strike goes ahead as planned next Thursday, pub taps across the country will run dry of the company's signature peat-brown stout and other brews by the end of the month.
  3. In an interview in September 2014, brewmaster "'Greg Deuhs "'discussed the possibility of bringing back other beers in the Ballantine portfolio : " Just on the Ballantine side we're looking at the Brown Stout, they also made a Bock as well as the Burton Ale, which was highly regarded.
  4. In September 1853, J & G Greenway, established in 1840 and later known as Greenway Brewery Company, Inc ., The company was still in operation in 1908 under the name Greenway Brewery Company and specialized in the manufacture of ales, porter and brown stout such as " Greenway Ale " and " India Pale Ale ", a specialty.

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