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Noun: brown snail
  1. Serious garden pest having a brown shell with paler zigzag markings; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
    - Helix aspersa

Derived forms: brown snails

Type of: garden snail

Part of: genus Helix, Helix


  1. These are large ( to about 40 mm or 1 . 5 inches in diameter ) dark brown snails, much shorter than wide.
  2. The brown snail was nowhere near as tasty as the edible snail ( Helix pomatis ) it was supposed to replace, and its cultivation was abandoned.
  3. The brown snail stayed and prospered, however, devouring living and decaying leaves, fruit, flowers, vegetables, ground cover, citrus leaves, and even carrion and cardboard.
  4. European brown snails ( " Cornu aspersum " ) can be a problem in California, though laying female Khaki Campbell and other mallard-related ducks can be used for control.

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