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An indicator and reatgent. It has been used for several purposes including the determination of serum albumin concentrations


  1. catalytic spectrophotometric determination of trace chromium in steel with cr-hydrogen peroxide-bromocresol purple system
  2. Bromocresol purple milk solids glucose agar is used as a medium used to distinguish dermatophytes from bacteria and other organisms in cases of ringworm fungus ( " T . verrucosum " ) infestation in cattle and other animals.
  3. Several indicators share a similar structure to phenol red, including bromothymol blue, thymol blue, bromocresol purple, thymolphthalein, and phenolphthalein . ( A table of other common chemical indicators is available in the article on pH indicators .)
  4. For " indicator stop bath "-a stop bath that changes colours to indicate when the stop bath is exhausted and no longer effective-a pH indicator like bromocresol purple is used to determine when the solution has become too alkaline to use.

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