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An indicator and reagent. It has been used in serum albumin determinations and as a pH indicator. also brom·cre·sol green n : a brominated acid dye that is obtained as a yellowish crystalline powder and is used as an acid-base indicator


  1. determination of trace mercury in liquor by bromocresol green sepectrophotometric method
  2. spectrophotometric method for determination of cationic surfactants in water with bromocresol green
  3. Absorbance spectrum of bromocresol green at different pH values.
  4. The general carbon skeleton of bromothymol blue is common to many indicators including chlorophenol red, thymol blue, and bromocresol green.
  5. An ethanol solution ( 0 . 04 wt % ) of bromocresol green has been proposed for TLC staining and is suitable for visualisation of the compounds with functional groups whose p " K " a is below 5 . 0 ( carboxylic acids, sulfonic acids, etc . ).

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