bring into line meaning

  "bring into line" in a sentence
  • To cause to conform

  • [American slang]
    v. phr. To make someone conform to the accepted standard. Sam had to be brought into line when he refused to take his muddy shoes off the cocktail table.


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  1. The Rover Coup� body shape was never revamped, to bring into line with the new shape 200 and 400.
  2. Such a regulator would probably bring into line disparate practices at the entities; one of these relates to the size of guarantee fees they charge their customers.
  3. You won't make a breakthrough in the family history you're writing, or on the family finances you're trying to bring into line.
  4. Clearly, Clinton lacks the kind of clout that would enable him, by threat and promise, to bring into line members of Congress who threaten to cross him.
  5. The EU executive said the settlement could serve as a prototype to " bring into line " with other non-EU gas producers, such as Russia and Algeria.

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