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    ! Bring down upon is more formal than bring down on and is mostly used in writing.
    bring sth down on/upon sbbring down sth on/upon sb formal to make something bad happen to someone, especially yourself or your family, by behaving in a particular way:
    His behaviour has brought down shame on all his family.
    The demonstrators brought down upon themselves the anger of the military government.
    SIMILAR TO: bring on/upon


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  1. bring down on oneself
  2. at midday i will bring a destroyer against the mothers of their young men; suddenly i will bring down on them anguish and terror
  3. We don't need to bring down on ourselves a bad name.
  4. Senji raises his Crow Claw to bring down on Keigo, but stops at the last second as he notices Keigo fearfully flinch.
  5. Struggling companies are even more loath to talk about executive pay than profitable ones, because of the criticism the issue can bring down on a company.

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