brightness meaning

[ 'braitnis ] Pronunciation:   "brightness" in a sentence
Noun: brightness  brItnus
  1. The location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white 
  2. Intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty
    - cleverness, smartness 
  3. The quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light
    - luminosity, brightness level, luminance, luminousness, light

Derived forms: brightnesses

See also: bright, dull

Type of: intelligence, light, lightness, physical property

Antonym: dullness

Encyclopedia: Brightness


That attribute of visual perception in accordance with which a surface appears to emit more light or less light. Now called luminance.

SI unit, candela per square meter (cd/m2); cgs unit, lambert (L). The quantity of
light, per unit area, emitted or reflected perpendicular to a light-emitting surface.

n : the one of the three psychological dimensions of color perception by which visual stimuli are ordered continuously from light to dark and which is correlated with light intensity —compare HUE, SATURATION 4

<graphics> (Or "tone", "luminance", "value", "luminosity", "lightness") The coordinate in the HSB colour model that determines the total amount of light in the colour. Zero brightness is black and 100% is white, intermediate values are "light" or "dark" colours.

The other coordinates are hue and saturation.


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  1. a torch symbolizes the brightness ( of the future ).
  2. now let me turn on the light to add brightness.
  3. brightness and color are inseparable in color films.
  4. broad disks of iridescent brightness swam under his lids.
  5. it shone brilliantly for a week or two and then its brightness subsided.

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