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Noun: Bradley method
  1. A method that prepares a mother for natural childbirth by providing education and exercises and nutrition and techniques of breathing and relaxation (with the assistance of the father)
    - Bradley method of childbirth

Type of: natural childbirth

Encyclopedia: Bradley method


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  1. The primary goal of the Bradley method is healthy mothers and healthy babies.
  2. Proponents of The Bradley Method claim that 86 % of Bradley mothers have vaginal births without drugs.
  3. Bradley Method teachers usually supplement these primary techniques with training in different labor positions and comfort measures.
  4. Secondly, the Bradley Method relies heavily on training fathers to be labor " coaches ", or partners.
  5. Childbearing techniques like Lamaze and the Bradley Method first gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, advocating relaxation techniques and abdominal breathing to ease pain.

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