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  1. Animal husbandry include sheep, goats, domestic pigs and bovinae.
  2. In the late early and the high medieval ages, turnshoes mostly consisted of one vamp or upper ( goat or cowhide or caprinae / bovinae ).
  3. In the primary sector, there is a big number of small exploitation lands, around 1, 000, most of them for sheeps and bovinae livestock.
  4. Usually, all species of the Alcelaphinae, Antilopinae, Hippotraginae, Reduncinae, Cephalophinae, many Bovinae, the grey rhebok, and the impala are called antelopes.
  5. The first clade is the subfamily Bovinae consisting of three tribes : Bovini ( cattle and buffaloes ), Tragelaphini ( Strepsicerotini ) ( African spiral-horned bovids ) and " Bosalaphini ".

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