bottom fishing meaning

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  • [American slang]
    n. seeking something at its lowest price; seeking something at a low cost and willing to accept inferior quality.
    • I don't think bottom fishing for stocks is always wise. There is always a good reason why the price is low.
    • Bottom fishing probably won't get you anything of value.

  • [Business]
    noun [U] (especially AmE)

    (Stock Exchange , informal)

    the activity of buying shares or businesses when the prices are unusually low and are not likely to fall much further:

    Some people start bottom fishing too early, before the lowest prices have been reached.

    After last year's disastrous performance by technology stocks, there could be opportunities for bottom fishing this year.

    bottom fisher noun [C]:

    When the bottom of the market is near, the public start selling and the bottom fishers start buying.

    NOTE The use of this word often shows that the speaker disapproves of people who buy shares in this way. BARGAIN HUNTER

  • [Economics]
    The practice of seeking out very low-priced shares to invest in, or of waiting until the market as a whole is low before investing, in the hope of making a profit when prices rise.


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