bottom drop out meaning

  • [American slang]
    v. phr. informal 1. To fall below an earlier lowest price. The bottom dropped out of the price of peaches. 2. To lose all cheerful qualities; become very unhappy, cheerless, or unpleasant. The bottom dropped out of the day for John when he saw his report card. The bottom fell out for us when the same ended with our team on the two yard line and six points behind.


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  1. Now that same law has made the bottom drop out of the market.
  2. When the advertising market can't be defined, the bottom drops out.
  3. No one wanted to see the bottom drop out of a rare bright day for Dan.
  4. Heymann's research makes it is clear that without paid leave, the bottom drops out for too many American families.
  5. He then returned to Gailey in Brisbane until 1893 when the financial crash saw the bottom drop out of the building trade.

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