bottom dog meaning

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Noun: bottom dog
  1. A person of low status

Derived forms: bottom dogs

Type of: foot soldier, subordinate, subsidiary, underling


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  1. Smith is the director of The Firelands Writing Center and of Bottom Dog Press.
  2. In 1992 Thompson was declared Poet Laureate of Cuyahoga County . " The big book of Daniel : collected poems of Daniel Thompson " edited by Maj Ragain, is published by Bottom Dog Press in 2011.
  3. His first book of poems, " News of Loss, " was published in 1995 by Bottom Dog Press as part of a chapbook collection entitled " Men and Women / Women and Men ."
  4. Smith is also the principal of Bottom Dog Publishers and the Bird Dog Press two local publishing firms devoted to the promotion of Midwestern and working class literature, since his retirement from active teaching, he has expanded his publishing activities.
  5. His second, " The Weather in Athens : Poems, " was also published by Bottom Dog Press in 2001 in " Two Midwest Voices, " which also included poet Jerry Roscoe's " Mirror Lake ."

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