bottle party meaning

  "bottle party" in a sentence
  • noun
      A more or less improvised drinking party where each person brings a bottle


  1. "This is a company that has strategically repositioned its business across a broad spectrum of countries with strong bottling parties who have an incentive to grow their business, " said Romm.
  2. It happened in our house to one of the coolest kids in school at a spin-the-bottle party given by my younger sister, who was in the seventh or eighth grade,
  3. In the spring of 1941, two gang members were involved in an altercation with the doorman when they were denied entry to the Palm Beach Bottle Party, a small basement pub housed on Soho's Wardour Street and a known hangout for members of the " Italian Mob ".
  4. He married Rosemary Storey in 1926, and in the 1930s became a producer and director of films, usually shorts using the Windmill Theatre performers, such as Bottle party ( 1936 ), Digging for gold ( 1936 ), Full stream ( 1936 ), Windmill revels ( 1937 ), Carry on London ( 1937 ), Up town review ( 1937 ), Concert party ( 1937 ), Two men in a box ( 1938 ), Swing ( 1938 ), etc.
  5. His stories are memorable; people who cannot recall title or author will nevertheless remember " the story about the people who lived in the department store " ( " Evening Primrose " ), or " the story in which the famous beauties that the man magically summons all say,'Here I am on a tiger-skin again'" ( " Bottle Party " ), or the one in which " the mean father, who refuses to believe his son, is gobbled up, with only one foot in a shoe left on the stairs " ( Thus I Refute Beelzy ).

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