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Noun: boojum tree
  1. Candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers
    - cirio, Fouquieria columnaris, Idria columnaris

Derived forms: boojum trees

Type of: candlewood

Part of: Fouquieria, genus Fouquieria

Encyclopedia: Boojum tree

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  1. He was attracted by thriving jazz clubs like the Century Sky Room and the Boojum Tree Lounge.
  2. The strange-looking boojum trees ( Fouquieria columnaris ) native to Baja California, are rare oddities in the Fouquieriaceae.
  3. In the desert house, visitors will see the legendary boojum tree that Lewis Carroll described in " The Hunting of the Snark " before a botanist in Baja California spied a plant so weird that he declared it the boojum.
  4. Examples of endemic organisms living in isolated areas include the kagu of New Caledonia, cloud rats of the Luzon tropical pine forests of the Philippines, the boojum tree ( " Fouquieria columnaris " ) of the Baja California peninsula, the Baikal seal and the omul of Lake Baikal.

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