boffin meaning

Pronunciation:   "boffin" in a sentence
Noun: boffin  bófin
Usage: Brit
  1. (slang) a scientist or technician engaged in research

Derived forms: boffins

Type of: investigator, research worker, researcher

Encyclopedia: Boffin

[British slang]
Noun. 1. A person involved in scientific/technical research, usually associated with the wearing of white laboratory coats, glasses, and carrying a clipboard. Derog. {Informal}
2. An intellectual.


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  1. but the boffins sometimes baffled the layman
  2. now, it seems, the president's own boffins agree
  3. their task was to bring bits home for our boffins to play about with
  4. many years along, by persisting with hard work of many boffin, the image data compression field have acquired a lot of achievement
  5. Even substitute Danny Boffin was back after suffering from sun stroke.

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