bloody meaning

[ 'blʌdi ] Pronunciation:   "bloody" in a sentence
Adjective: bloody (bloodier,bloodiest)  blúdee
  1. Having or covered with or accompanied by blood
    "a bloody nose"; "your scarf is all bloody"; "the effects will be violent and probably bloody"; "a bloody fight" 
  2. Informal intensifiers
    "what a bloody nuisance"; "a bloody fool"
    - bally [Brit], blinking [Brit], blooming [Brit], crashing, flaming, freaking, effing [Brit] 
  3. [Brit] Used for disapproving emphasis
    "he's a bloody idiot"
    - bleeding [Brit], bleedin' [Brit]
Verb: bloody  blúdee
  1. Cover with blood
    "bloody your hands"
Adverb: bloody  blúdee
  1. Extremely
    "you are bloody right"
    - damn, all-fired

Derived forms: bloodied, bloodier, bloodiest, bloodying, bloodies

See also: blood, blood-filled, bloodily, bloodiness, bloodstained, bloodsucking, bloodthirsty, bloody-minded [Brit], butcherly, crimson, gory, homicidal, internecine, merciless, murderous, red, sanguinary, sanguineous, slaughterous, unmerciful, unmitigated, violent

Type of: cover, spread over

Antonym: bloodless

Encyclopedia: Bloody

[British slang]
Adj. Expressing annoyance as an intensifier. E.g."That bloody idiot needs a good thumping.”
Adv: As an intensifier. E.g."I'll bloody thump that idiot.”

adj blood·i·er; -est
a : containing or made up of blood
b : of or contained in the blood
a : smeared or stained with blood
b : dripping blood : BLEEDING ‹a bloody nose› — blood·i·ly adv — blood·i·ness n


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  1. the soft and bloody insides are exposed.
  2. i don't want any of your bloody aspirin.
  3. everybody gets his share of bloody noses.
  4. don't you think i bloody well know!
  5. in warsaw there is bloody street fighting.

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