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An upright freezer in which air, at a very low temperature, is circulated by blowers; used to freeze foods in minimum time.

An upright freezer in which very cold air circulated by blowers is used for rapid freezing of food.
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  1. Some of the recent additions to the processing equipments include, High pressure processing, Pulsed electric field processing, Khoa making machine, controlled atmosphere system, integrated soya paneer plant, blast freezer and plate freezer lyophilizer, polymer twin screw extruders.
  2. The brand new, state-of-the-art, 9, 600 sq . foot kitchen on the second floor has natural light, and includes four industrial-size refrigerators, three freezers, five blast freezers, five 80-gallon soup kettles, and a waste digester that converts up to 1, 000 lbs . of organic food waste into disposable water.
  3. Quinte West is also home to Nestle Canada Inc ., Electro Cables Inc ., Globamed Inc ., Canadian Blast Freezers, Trenton Cold Storage Group, Deca Cables Inc ., Domtech Inc ., Drossbach North America, Fracan Ltd ., L3 Communications Spar Aerospace Ltd ., L3 Communications-CMRO, Norampac Inc ., Quality Custom Blending, Research Casting International, Saputo Foods, and Quinn & Quinn Inc ., just to name a few.

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