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  "blanket with" in a sentence
1. be blanketed with snow/mist/smoke etc if a place is blanketed with snow, mist, smoke etc, it is covered with it:
Virtually all of Pennsylvania was blanketed with snow overnight.
The coast had been blanketed with fog in the morning, but it cleared a little later on.
2. blanket sth with sth BrE to put a lot of advertisements or large quantities of a particular product in a particular place:
The company blanketed bookstores nationwide with copies of the book.
WebTV has been blanketing the airwaves with ads.


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  1. dick is such a wet blanket with that worried look on his face and his boring talk
  2. the seniors received the blankets with great joy and contentment reflected in their faces
  3. when found, he was wearing a white vest and striped blue clothes, and wrapped by a white blanket with blue patterns
  4. They found her wrapped in a blanket with a little rattle.
  5. On a chilly day, the iguanas had blankets with them.

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