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Noun: bioattack
  1. The use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food
    - biological warfare, BW, biological attack, biologic attack

Derived forms: bioattacks

Type of: war, warfare


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  1. Skeptics said Tuesday's events don't mean that a bioattack is on the horizon.
  2. After federal experts identified the strain in the bioattacks as Ames, reporters and investigators descended on the Iowa city.
  3. Skeptics said Tuesday's events, while horrific, don't mean that a bioattack is on the horizon.
  4. Five more employees of a South Florida publishing company and a letter in Nevada tested positive for anthrax Saturday, as investigators in three far-flung states focused on bioattacks delivered through the US postal system.
  5. Meanwhile, public health experts say that one glaring weakness is that most cash-strapped U . S . hospitals would be unable to handle the crush of people who will either be sickened or panicked by a bioattack.

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