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Noun: billet doux (billets doux)
  1. A personal letter to a loved one expressing affection
    - love letter

Derived forms: billets doux

Type of: personal letter

Encyclopedia: Billet doux


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  1. "' Polly and the Billets Doux "'are a four-piece band from Bristol and Winchester, UK.
  2. Later, he packed up everything, she said, jamming their photographs and billets doux into a box that he buried at the border.
  3. And he made quite a local reputation framing his fancies in flowery billets doux which stirred the hearts and the humors of readers of the tabloid press ."
  4. Aubrey is further dispirited by a letter from his usually complaisant wife who accuses him of adultery with a Canadian lass whose billets doux he has unwisely left about the house.
  5. Peggy was a'superior servant', possibly the housekeeper of Coilsfield House and Burns made her acquaintance through passing billets doux ( love letters ) to her at church.

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