berlin meaning

Pronunciation:   "berlin" in a sentence
Noun: berlin  bur'lin
  1. A limousine with a glass partition between the front and back seats
Noun: Berlin  bur'lin
  1. Capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
    - German capital 
  2. United States songwriter (born in Russia) who wrote more than 1500 songs and several musical comedies (1888-1989)
    - Irving Berlin, Israel Baline

Derived forms: berlins

See also: Berliner

Type of: ballad maker, limo, limousine, national capital, songster, songwriter

Part of: Deutschland, Federal Republic of Germany, FRG, Germany

Encyclopedia: Berlin, Ma Berlin, Marathon County, WI Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin Berlin, MI Berlin, Kentucky Berlin, MA Berlin, MD Berlin, Maryland Berlin, NH Berlin, NH-VT Micropolitan Area Berlin, NH-VT Micropolitan Statistical Area Berlin, ND Berlin, Mass Berlin, Massachusetts Berlin, Michigan Berlin, Connecticut Berlin, GA Berlin, Georgia Berlin, Canada Berlin Berlin, Berlin Berlin, CT Berlin, Germany Berlin, IL Berlin, Illinois Berlin, KY Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio Berlin, Green Lake County, WI Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin Berlin, Holmes County, OH Berlin, PA Berlin, Pennsylvania Berlin, Symphony of a City Berlin, Ontario Berlin, OH Berlin, Ohio Berlin, Oklahoma Berlin, VT Berlin, Williams County, OH Berlin, Williams County, Ohio Berlin, Wisconsin Berlin, Wi Berlin, Vermont Berlin, WI Berlin, West Virginia Berlin, NJ Berlin, NY Berlin, New Hampshire Berlin, NH-VT μSA Berlin, NH-VT mSA Berlin, NH-VT micropolitan area Berlin, NH-VT micropolitan statistical area Berlin, New Hampshire-Vermont Micropolitan Area Berlin, New Jersey Berlin, New York Berlin, North Dakota Berlin, New Hampshire micropolitan area Berlin, New Hampshire-Vermont micropolitan area Berlin, New Hampshire-Vermont μSA Berlin, New Hampshire Micropolitan Area


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  1. also berlin had a funny effect on us.
  2. adolf hitler was cut off in berlin.
  3. i thought he was still stuck in berlin.
  4. they traveled to berlin third-class.
  5. there is a dangerous crisis in berlin.

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