benefice meaning

Pronunciation:   "benefice" in a sentence
  • Noun: benefice  benufis
    1. An endowed church office giving income to its holder
      - ecclesiastical benefice
    Verb: benefice  benufis
    1. Endow with a benefice

    Derived forms: beneficed, benefices, beneficing

    See also: beneficiary

    Type of: church property, dower, endow, spirituality, spiritualty [N. Amer]

    Encyclopedia: Benefice

  • [Law]
    Obs. Land given by the lord to a vassal, for the vassal's use. it remains the property of the lord, and is not inheritable, in the old sense of the word's use. This changed after 875 A.D., when benefices became inheritable, 'real' property of the vassal.


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  1. the church instituted the young man into a benefice
  2. a benefice you favor your mother, eh
  3. more detailed information and environmental impact assessment should be conducted to ascertain its benefices to the environment
  4. From it, benefices stack up, including pensions and tithes.
  5. The two parish churches were reunited in 2012 under one benefice.

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