beef meaning

[ bi:f ] Pronunciation:   "beef" in a sentence
Noun: beef (beeves)  beef
  1. Cattle that are reared for their meat
    - beef cattle 
  2. Meat from an adult domestic bovine
    - boeuf 
  3. Informal term for objecting
    - gripe, kick, bitch, squawk
Verb: beef  beef
  1. Complain
    - gripe, bitch, grouse, crab, squawk, bellyache, holler

Derived forms: beefed, beeves, beefs, beefing

Type of: Bos taurus, cattle, complain, cows, kick, kine [archaic], kvetch [N. Amer], meat, objection, oxen, plain [archaic], quetch, sound off

Part of: Bos taurus, cattle, cows, kine [archaic], oxen

Encyclopedia: Beef Beef, it's what's for dinner

[American slang]
n. a large and muscular male.
• Let's get one of those beefs in here to help.
• The two beefs pushed and pushed, but couldn't budge the crate.

[British slang]
Noun. 1. Muscly, strong looking males. {Informal}
2. A complaint, a grievance, problems (with something). E.g."If you've got a beef about the decision, then fill in the appropriate appeal forms." [Orig. U.S.]

well-built male
note: used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities.
E.g.'Mary gets turned on by beef.'



beef up sth (with sth)

to make sth bigger, better, more interesting, etc:

Staff numbers will be beefed up by 10%.

We need to beef up our customer care.

If you have a handheld computer, you'll want to beef it up with some software.

We'll use our own funds, beefed up with a bank loan.

HELP NOTE A noun must always follow up, but a pronoun comes between the verb and up.

n pl beefs or beeves : the flesh of an adult domestic bovine (as a steer or cow) when killed for food


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  1. butcher : do you want beef or lamb?
  2. she cut a slice of beef from the joint.
  3. tom : we had roast beef and potatoes.
  4. i will order a bowl of beef noodles for myself.
  5. well, we advertise grade a beef.

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