beef burrito meaning

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  • Noun: beef burrito
    1. A burrito with a beef filling

    Derived forms: beef burritos

    Type of: burrito

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  1. A beef burrito the size of a brick can have 800 calories or more.
  2. Usually, Rosenberg charges $ 4 . 15 for a chicken or beef burrito and $ 2 . 75 for a bean burrito.
  3. Q : What became of the case in California in which a Hindu man sued Taco Bell for serving him a beef burrito?
  4. A plump beef burrito rolled in a jumbo tortilla sells for less than $ 2; restaurants hawk smaller versions for about $ 4.
  5. Enjoy the red chili, tomato, and garlic salsa while waiting for a beef burrito, beefsteak a la Mexicana, or grilled chicken.

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