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  • 1. beat off sb/sthbeat sb/sth off to succeed in stopping someone from attacking you, by hitting them:
    The old man managed to beat off his attackers using his walking stick.
    Although the dog looked very fierce, I was able to beat if off.
    2. beat off sth/sbbeat sth/sb off to succeed in defeating someone who is competing with you or opposing you:
    The manufacturers were looking at different techniques in an effort to beat off their rivals.
    beat off competition
    Rolls Royce beat off competition from the American companies for the new engine contract.
    Stuart Ewin ran twenty yards, beating off strong challenges from the other team, before driving the ball home.
    3. beat off AmE informal if a man beats off, he makes himself sexually excited by rubbing his sexual organs
    SIMILAR TO: masturbate, toss off BrE informal

  • [Slang]
    (verb, transitive and intransitive)
    jack off (verb, trans. and intransitive)
    note: variation of jack off. Used less commonly.
    E.g.'John beats off twice a night.'


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  1. what you were thinking the last time you beat off
  2. what you were thinking the last time you beat off
  3. the garrison beat off all the enemy attacks
  4. beat off to drive away
  5. the attacker was beat off . challenge contest, fight, or competition . rise to the challenge

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