beat down meaning

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  • Verb: beat down  beet dawn
    1. Persuade the seller to accept a lower price
      - bargain down 
    2. Shine hard
      "The sun beat down on the hikers" 
    3. Dislodge from a position

    Derived forms: beaten down, beating down, beats down, beat down

    Type of: beam, chaffer, dislodge, haggle, higgle [archaic], huckster [N. Amer], reposition, shift, shine

  • [American slang]
    to fall on someone or something.
      The rain beat down on us for an hour.
       The rock slide beat down on the car and totally ruined the body.


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  1. the sun beat down on his neck and on his shoulders.
  2. at noon the sun beat down on our heads as we walked home.
  3. the waves leaped up, one at the other's heels and beat down on the beach with an angry roar.
  4. again the blue-white scar jagged above them and the sulphurous explosion beat down.
  5. and the sun beat down on jonah's head, and he fainted

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