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bear with me spoken used to politely ask someone to wait or be patient while you do something:
Bear with me a moment while I make a phone call.
I hope you will bear with me if I tell you a little about my own situation.

[American idiom]
to be patient with someone or something; to endure someone or something.
Please bear with me while I fill out this form.
Please bear with my old car. It'll get us there sooner or later.

[American slang]
v., formal To have patience with; not get angry with. Your little sister is sick. Try to bear with her when she cries. It is hard to bear with criticism.
Synonym: PUT UP WITH.
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  1. he just could n't bear with such insults.
  2. he had come to fear them, to bear with them.
  3. and you'll bear with us tonight.
  4. he's touchy as a bear with a sore nose.
  5. when he is just woken up he is like a bear with a sore head.

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