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Verb: bear up
  1. Endure cheerfully
    "She bore up under the enormous strain"

Derived forms: bore up, bears up, borne up, bearing up

Type of: abide, bear, brook, digest, endure, put up, stand, stick out, stomach, suffer, support, tolerate

[American slang]
1. Lit. to hold up under something; to sustain the weight of something.
  How is the new beam bearing up under the weight of the f loor?
  It isn't bearing up. It broke.
2. Fig. [for someone] to remain brave under a mental or emotional burden.
  Jill did not bear up well under problems with her family.
  Jill bore up quite well amid serious difficulties.


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  1. tell her to bear up.
  2. the old aged cannot bear up against the midsummer heat this year.
  3. your innocent smiles made me bear up against my misfortunes.
  4. you have to bear up under the hospitality of the ancestral home for two years.
  5. fame is like a river, that bears up things light and hollow, and drowns things weighty and solid.

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