bear on meaning

  "bear on" in a sentence
Verb: bear on
  1. Be relevant to
    - refer, pertain, relate, concern, come to, touch, touch on, have to do with 
  2. Have an effect upon
    - affect, impact, bear upon, touch on, touch 
  3. Press, drive, or impel (someone) to action or completion of an action
    - push 
  4. Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last
    - continue, uphold, carry on, preserve

Derived forms: borne on, bears on, bearing on, bore on

Type of: alter, change, exhort, hold, keep, maintain, modify, press, urge, urge on

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  1. they can bear on social issues.
  2. you have to bring some pressure to bear on him.
  3. subatomic physics bears on many aspects of life.
  4. every issue seems to bear on the question of survival.
  5. a loaded pin bears on a hole with small clearance.

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