be on the outs with meaning

[American slang]
v. phr. To not be on speaking terms with someone; be in disagreement with someone. Jane and Tom have been on the outs with one another since Tom started to date another woman.


  1. It is not fun to be on the outs with his natural allies, he says, and that has left him slightly subdued.
  2. Western officials will not comment on his story, but other Iraqi exiles corroborate some of his charges about Odai's behavior and there have been recent reports out of Iraq that Odai may be on the outs with his father because of his excesses.
  3. The Middle East encompasses issues other than the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, " and to be on the outs with both Iraq and Iran at the same time isn't much of a strategy, and yet it just goes on and on, " he said.

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