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  • Adverb: BC
    1. Before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born
      "in 200 BC"
      - B.C., before Christ

    Encyclopedia: BC, Canada BC

  • [Architecture]

    Abbr. for “building code.”

  • [Defence]
    bottom current

  • [Medicine]
    abbr board-certified

  • [Computer]
    An arbitrary precision numeric processing language with C-like syntax. Traditionally implemented as a front-end to DC. There is a GNU version called GNU BC.

    Unix manual page: bc(1).
  • bc 105:    [Medicine]Serotoni ...
  • bc 2627:    [Medicine]A synthe ...
  • bc neliac:    [Computer]Version ...


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  1. ab extends by 2mm and bc contracts by 2mm.
  2. soldiers of bad character were branded bc.
  3. glass-making flourished as early as 1350 bc.
  4. the tube abc shown is cantilevered with ab and bc in a horizontal plan.
  5. the vertical displacement =1mm is normal to the bars ab and bc and hence does not affect their length.

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