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/baz/ The third metasyntactic variable "Suppose we have three functions: FOO, BAR, and BAZ. FOO calls BAR, which calls BAZ..." (See also fum). Occasionally appended to foo to produce "foobaz".

Early versions of the Hacker Jargon dictionary derived "baz" as a Stanford corruption of bar. However, Pete Samson (compiler of the TMRC lexicon) reports it was already current when he joined TMRC in 1958. He says "It came from "Pogo". Albert the Alligator, when vexed or outraged, would shout "Bazz Fazz!" or "Rowrbazzle!" The club layout was said to model the (mythical) New England counties of Rowrfolk and Bassex (Rowrbazzle mingled with Norfolk/Suffolk/Middlesex/ Essex)."


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  1. the first limiting nutrient . baz fritz, sadp ii
  2. introduction to dairy feeding . baz fritz, sadp ii
  3. australian media culture is achieving international prominence-through personalities such as nicole kidman, russell crowe, and moulin rouge director, baz luhrmann
  4. The defense case hinged on Baz's state of mind.
  5. Baz used modern music to illustrate the immediacy of it all.

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