batler meaning

  "batler" in a sentence
/batˈlər/ (Shakespeare)
  A beetle for beating clothes (altered by some editors to batˈlet)
  ORIGIN: bat1


  1. In Michaelmas term 1615 he was entered either as servitor or batler at The Queen's College, Oxford.
  2. They had taken in three new players near the end of the season in the form of Roger Davis, Dion Smith & Steve Batler.
  3. He was entered a batler or semi-commoner of St . Edmund Hall, Oxford, in June 1678, being placed under the tuition of Andrew Allam.
  4. He entered, in Easter term 1619, as a batler in Magdalen Hall, Oxford, proceeding B . A . on 22 February 1624, and M . A . 1 June 1627.
  5. On leaving school Lewis became tutor to the sons of Daniel Wigfall, a Turkey and lead merchant, and afterwards, 30 March 1694, was admitted a batler of Exeter College, Oxford, under the tuition of George Verman, a friend of Conant.

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