batik meaning

Pronunciation:   "batik" in a sentence
Noun: batik  bu'teek
  1. A dyed fabric; a removable wax is used where the dye is not wanted
Verb: batik  bu'teek
  1. Dye with wax
    "Indonesian fabrics are often batiked"

Derived forms: batiked, batiking, batiks

Type of: cloth, fabric, hand-dye, material, textile

Encyclopedia: Batik


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  1. the batik pictures are the combination of the encaustic and dyeing
  2. the dyestuffs used for color batiks are all from the natural plant
  3. it tells the detailed procedure involved in the magnificent batik making . the
  4. letter holder adopts the traditional decoration pattern and it is the orthodox batiks
  5. the motif of this room is batik, so pieces related with batik are displayed,

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