bathyscaphe meaning

Pronunciation:   "bathyscaphe" in a sentence
Noun: bathyscaphe  'bathi`skeyf
  1. Navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration
    - bathyscaph, bathyscape

Derived forms: bathyscaphes

Type of: submersible

Encyclopedia: Bathyscaphe


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  1. the french navy has built an abyssal bathyscaphe to take three men to the floor of the marianas trench
  2. 1960 _ The bathyscaphe Trieste descends nearly seven miles in the Mariana
  3. Dr . Auguste Piccard also invented a deep diving submersible called the Bathyscaphe.
  4. He was a scientist and he invented the bathyscaphe.
  5. The bathyscaphe was named after the Belgian bathyscaphe " Trieste ".

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