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Noun: bathyscape  'bathi`skeyp
  1. Navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration
    - bathyscaphe, bathyscaph

Derived forms: bathyscapes

Type of: submersible

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  1. :Collegues, pleaselook at the bathyscape article.
  2. The heavy bathyscape was being used in oceanographic research operations in the Puerto Rican Trench.
  3. A bathyscape consists of a tank of ( relatively ) incompressible oil tank, controllable ballast, and a heaviar-than water payload.
  4. The AK carried the French bathyscape Archimedes from Toulon, France, to San Juan, P . R ., in April 1964.
  5. These pirates, led by Kurt Vogel, are using newly developed bathyscape technology to reach the sea floor and scour recent shipwrecks for gold and other booty before officially sanctioned salvage operations arrive.

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