barrier fort meaning

  • [Architecture]

    One of a number of mutually-supporting medieval forts which protect a large area of the countryside.


    A fort that can withstand a limited siege.


  1. On 23 October the British destroyed four barrier forts.
  2. However, on 15 November, while Foote was passing the barrier forts in a small boat during preparations for reembarkation, Chinese guns fired upon him four or five times.
  3. The United States Navy launched an amphibious assault against a series of four forts known as the Barrier Forts forts near the city of Canton ( modern-day Guangzhou ).
  4. Above the circle of the Toul defences there are barrier forts on the Upper Meuse at Neufch�teau; but these last are practically in second line, and between Toul and �pinal the frontier districts are designedly left open.
  5. The "'Battle of the Barrier Forts "'( also known as the "'Battle of the Pearl River Forts "') was fought between American and Chinese forces in the Pearl River, Guangdong, China in November 1856 during the Second Opium War.

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