barrel oil equivalent meaning

  • [Oil and gas]
    Barrel Oil Equivalent (boe), a term frequently used to compare gas with oil and to provide a common measure for different quality gases. It is the number of barrels of stabilised crude oil, which contains approximately the same amount of energy as the gas: for example: 5.8 trillion cf (of lean gas) approximates to 1 billion boe.


  1. The company's international reserves stood at 6 . 24 billion barrels oil equivalent in 2008.
  2. Repsol's hydrocarbons average production rose 13 . 2 percent to a record high of 1 . 132 barrels oil equivalent per day, the company said.
  3. "Our seven growth sources will add 6 . 8 billion barrels oil equivalent to Mobil's resource base this year and over 800, 000 barrels a day oil equivalent of new production over the next 10 years,"

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