barnacle meaning

Pronunciation:   "barnacle" in a sentence
Noun: barnacle  baa(r)nukul
  1. Marine crustaceans with feathery food-catching appendages; free-swimming as larvae; as adults form a hard shell and live attached to submerged surfaces
    - cirriped, cirripede 
  2. European goose smaller than the brant; breeds in the far north
    - barnacle goose, Branta leucopsis

Derived forms: barnacles

Type of: crustacean, goose

Part of: Branta, Cirripedia, genus Branta, subclass Cirripedia

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  1. zoologists refer barnacles to crustancean.
  2. the barnacle and the clam are two examples of filter feeders.
  3. the illustrious cuvier did not perceive that a barnacle was a crustacean.
  4. may l suggest a barnacle peel ? removes lines and salt damage
  5. barnacle standard test method for electrochemical measurement of diffusible hydrogen in steels barnacle electrode

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