bargain meaning

[ 'bɑ:gin ] Pronunciation:   "bargain" in a sentence
Noun: bargain  baa(r)gin
  1. An agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each
    "he made a bargain with the devil"
    - deal 
  2. An advantageous purchase
    "she got a bargain at the auction"
    - buy, steal, snip [Brit]
Verb: bargain  baa(r)gin
  1. Negotiate the terms of an exchange
    "We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar"
    - dicker [N. Amer] 
  2. Come to terms; arrive at an agreement

Derived forms: bargains, bargaining, bargained

See also: bargainer, bargaining

Type of: agree, agreement, negotiate, purchase, talk terms, understanding

Encyclopedia: Bargain

[American slang]
to negotiate with someone about obtaining someone or something.
  I refuse to bargain over money with Dan.
   We will bargain with the supplier over prices.
  You can't bargain over Claire with Jeff as if she were a car!

AmE / noun, verb

noun [C]



something that is bought or sold at a lower price than usual:

I picked up a few good bargains in the sale.

I managed to get the shares at a bargain price.

bargain fare offers


an agreement between two or more people or groups to do sth:

I'll make a bargain with you.

I assure you we will keep our side of the bargain (= do what we agreed to do).

We secured a bargain to buy directly from the artist.

3 (Commerce )

an agreement, often a spoken agreement, between two or more people to exchange sth for a particular price:

Buyer and seller strike a bargain with each individual purchase.

4 (Stock Exchange )

a single act of buying or selling on the London Stock Exchange:

The average daily volume traded for July was 180 684 bargains.

HARD adjective

verb [no obj] bargain (with sb) (about/over/for sth)

to discuss prices, pay or conditions with sb in order to reach an agreement that suits everyone:

It's better to bargain for wages as a group.

Employers sometimes have to bargain with trade unions.

Buyers will bargain hard to cut the cost of house prices.

1) A transaction on the London Stock Exchange. The bargains made during the day are included in the Daily Official List.

2) A sale made at a specially low price, either as a means of sale promotion or to clear old stock.


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  1. i wonder what sort of a bargain you'll make.
  2. i did not bargain for that.
  3. do you shop around a lot for bargains?
  4. he gave me 30 dollars into the bargain.
  5. i will bargain no more, i withdraw.

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