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Noun: Barbary sheep  baa(r)bureesheep
  1. Wild sheep of northern Africa
    - aoudad, arui, audad, maned sheep, Ammotragus lervia

Derived forms: Barbary sheep

Type of: wild sheep

Part of: Ammotragus, genus Ammotragus

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  1. The larger of the two now houses Geladas, hyraxes, and Barbary sheep.
  2. Barbary sheep ( " Ammotragus lervia " ) were once common throughout but now are few in numbers.
  3. The park also contains a population of herbivores such as the saharan subspecies of the barbary sheep and the Dorcas gazelle
  4. Other, rarer mammals include caracal, African wildcat, dorcas gazelle, Cuvier's gazelle and Barbary sheep.
  5. The Ecodome was awarded the Environmental Enrichment Award by CAZA . Exhibits for the barbary sheep and bison were also completed.

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