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Noun: bar chart  baa(r) chaa(r)t
  1. A chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities
    - bar graph

Derived forms: bar charts

Type of: chart

Encyclopedia: Bar chart

AmE also bar graph) noun [C]

a diagram which uses bands of different heights and equal widths to show different amounts, so that they can be compared easily:

The bar chart shows the relationship between each year's sales.


A style of chart used by some technical analysts, on which, as illustrated below, the top of the vertical line indicates the highest price a security traded at during the day, and the bottom represents the lowest price. The closing price is displayed on the right side of the bar, and the opening price is shown on the left side of the bar. A single bar like the one below represents one day of trading.
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  1. bar charts display data as sets of horizontal bars
  2. light columned bar chart display, digital or mixture display
  3. please direct your attention to this bar chart
  4. so far, i ve shown you how to dynamically scale bar charts
  5. so for this bar chart, each value is worth 10 pixels in height

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