bar bit meaning

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Noun: bar bit  baa(r) bit
  1. A bit for horses that is a solid bar of metal

Derived forms: bar bits

Type of: bit

  • a bit:    Adverb: a bitTo a ...
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  1. Even a mullen mouth ( a solid, slightly curved bar ) or a bar bit is a snaffle.
  2. The result is dessert sublimity : the easeful texture of soft serve softened further by the blending process and then delightfully varied by the mixed-in crunchiness of, say, Heath bar bits or Oreo crumbs.
  3. The line of confections, which now also includes pastries, brownies studded with Gold Bar bits, ice creams, dessert sauces, hand-dipped fruits and nuts, and new baton-and cigar-shape chocolates, is intensely chocolate, sophisticated and, like most European chocolates, not overly sweet.

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