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Noun: Baptists
  1. Any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believers
    - Baptist Church
Noun: Baptist  baptist
  1. Follower of Baptistic doctrines

See also: baptism, Baptistic

Type of: Protestant, Protestant denomination

Encyclopedia: Baptist


The name given to all Christian denominations,sects,or groups rising out of the Reformation. Protestant churches generally agree that the principle of authority should be the Scriptures rather than the institutional church or the pope. (from W.L. Reese,Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion,1999)


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  1. in the south, methodists and baptists joined hands in the movement.
  2. the beulah baptist gospel choir business
  3. a mission was sent to africa by the baptist church
  4. baptist society for propagating the gospel among the heathen
  5. association of baptists for world evangelism limited

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