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  • Noun: bamboo curtain  bam'boo'kurt(u)n
    1. An ideological barrier around communist China especially in the 1950s and 1960s

    Derived forms: bamboo curtains

    Type of: ideological barrier

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  1. for hundreds of years, japanese emperors sat concealed behind bamboo curtains whenever visitors came
  2. combined support of crossing point of roadway bottom slice and loose rock stratum with rockbolt net and bamboo curtain
  3. zhejiang yongyu bamboo industry development company specialized in the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo parquet, bamboo rugs, bamboo kuaitan bamboo curtain
  4. It was the time of the so-called Bamboo Curtain.
  5. The Bamboo Curtain has since given way to the business model called the bamboo network.

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