balneology meaning

Pronunciation:   "balneology" in a sentence
  • noun
      The scientific medical study of bathing and mineral springs

  • [Medicine]
    Therapy by various hot or warm baths in natural mineral waters,spas,or cures. It includes not only bathing in,but also drinking the waters,but it does not include whirlpool baths (HYDROTHERAPY). n pl -gies : the science of the therapeutic use of baths


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  1. balneotherapy refers to the use of balneology in the treatment of disease
  2. the term balneology refers to the study of the art and science of bathing
  3. L�schner is remembered for his work in the field of balneology.
  4. It is considered to be the first comprehensive publication in the field of balneology.
  5. He was also docent of balneology and climatology at the Karolinska Institute 1880-1898.

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