balmacaan meaning

Pronunciation:   "balmacaan" in a sentence
  • /bal-mə-känˈ/
      A man's loose overcoat with raglan sleeves
      ORIGIN: From Balmacaan, near Inverness, Scotland


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  1. In 2006 the village hall, originally funded by Bradley Martin of Balmacaan House, celebrated its centenary.
  2. There he attempted to establish a " College of Celtic Cultures " at a nearby mansion, Balmacaan House.
  3. Rather than the double-breasted and belted trench coat, the new model was a more streamlined single-breasted design called a balmacaan.
  4. Our spring business is mainly about the rainwear classification in classic shapes like the trench and the balmacaan, " he said, speaking of DKNY Coats.
  5. There were the exquisite gilded lace dresses and pink sheared mink coats, cashmere sweaters and leather trousers at Oscar de la Renta and the balmacaan suits at Michael Kors.

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